myBrickZ is now available

Starting August 2023 we are pleased to offer all myBrickZ products. The myBrickZ brand was founded in Berlin in 2021.The idea behind it is to give new input to the brick market. With their own designs, beautiful and practical packaging as well as a lot of passion for the building block, the owners Steffen and […]

Xingbao is now available


Xingbao Building blocks are now available at Not Just Collectiobles, LLC. Founded in December 2016, XINGBAO Building Blocks is a brand new building block that brings together the world’s best-known MOC authors and mass-produces their outstanding works. This is not just a statement, it is one of the main focuses of Xingbao. Enganging with the world leaders in building block technology […]

Bluebrixx is now available


We are happy to announce that as of today we started listing the first products from Bluebrixx.  With the Kingdom Come Deliverance series, we have listed items, that are well known to all fans of the game. This is only the beginning and over the course of the next couple of days and months, we […]

Cobi Blocks available now


Cobi is a Polish toy company with its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. The company was founded in 1987, producing puzzles and board games. In 1992, it started producing building blocks with an interlocking stud and tube system, compatible with Lego blocks. Due to their popularity, the company switched completely to building block sets. The Cobi […]

Bricks, Bricks and more Bricks


Why Bricks? The right question is, why not Bricks? Almost all of us had at least one encounter with Bricks in their life and we all have built something that we just thought of. We did let our imagination run wild and built the craziest houses, the wildest castles and the biggest forts. All this […]