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DHL Streetscooter and Packstation – myBrickZ


DHL Streetscooter and Packstation – MyBrickz

Manufacturer: MyBrickz
Released: 2022
Item number: 0003
Number of bricks: 369 pcs


Now the parcels of your Klemmbausteinstadt residents also reach their destination. The Streetscooter from Deutsche Post / DHL brings the parcels from A to B fully electrically. In addition to movable doors of the driver’s cab, the vehicle also has a fully playable loading area. And of course, the yellow runabout is in minifigure scale.
Thanks to two “solar panels”, the packing station works completely self-sufficiently from the power grid of your city. Load and unload the individual parcel boxes of the Packstation and notify your residents about the delivery of their orders.
Load the Streetscooter with the numerous parcels that are included in the set. Simply open the doors of the loading area or remove the roof. Your city will benefit from this set of 369 parts and gain life. All parts are printed and therefore very durable. A perfect expansion of your clamp building block city thanks to compatibility with all common clamp building block brands on the market.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in


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