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Locomotive Class 49C Dovregubben – 1311 – COBI


Locomotive Class 49C Dovregubben – 1311 – COBI

Manufacturer: COBI
Released: 2022
Item number: 1331
Number of bricks: 900 pcs


The largest steam locomotive of NSB
Dovregubben is a popular name for NSB’s largest steam locomotive (type 49), which was built specifically for the high mountain section of the Dovrebanen. The weight was 152 tons, the length with tender (trailer with coal and water) was 22 meters, the engine power was 1471 kW (2000 hp) and the maximum speed was 90 kilometers per hour.

In the period 1935-1941, seven locomotives were delivered to NSB; five by Thune’s Mek. Werkstatt and Hamar Jernstøberi & Mech. Werkstatt, two from Friedrich Krupp AG, Essen. In 1940, NSB ordered another 11 locomotives, seven from Krupp and four from Thune. The Krupp locomotives were probably destroyed when the factory was bombed during World War II. At the end of the war, the four Thune locomotives were still under construction. Construction was halted and the half-finished locomotives were used as part locomotives for the other seven.

The purchase of additional locomotives was abandoned. They were technically complicated and it was preferred to retain simpler designs. The first of the locomotives was decommissioned as early as 1953 and the rest in 1957. All of them were officially decommissioned in 1958. Locomotive 470 is on display at the Railway Museum in Hamar, but is not ready to run.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in


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