Xingbao is now available

Xingbao Building blocks are now available at Not Just Collectiobles, LLC. Founded in December 2016, XINGBAO Building Blocks is a brand new building block that brings together the world’s best-known MOC

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Bluebrixx is now available

We are happy to announce that as of today we started listing the first products from Bluebrixx.  With the Kingdom Come Deliverance series, we have

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Cobi Blocks available now

Cobi is a Polish toy company with its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. The company was founded in 1987, producing puzzles and board games. In 1992,

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Bricks - the stuff creativity is made of!

Be creative! Build your castle, dream house, car or anything else you can imagine. There is no boundary for what you can do with bricks.

Bricks - bought localy!

We carry all the major brands from all around the world. High quality and innovative designs are key and we make sure we just sell the best there is to offer.

Bricks - the source of joy!

Who of us does not think back to that moment when he or she first discovered bricks and started building something? It alwazys puts a smile on your face.

Bricks - and you!

You are in charge. Buy and build a pre-designed set or buy bricks and let your imagination run wild. No matter what age, bricks are fun.

What are you looking for?

Check out our store and if something is missing, let us know!

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